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Mylene Iwanowsky 


It was gorgeous at the beach today...Lifeguard camp is awesome! William had a blast! Mylene Iwanowsky

GREAT CAMP!!!!!!!!!! great job Vanessa!

Mylene Iwanowsky BEST CAMP IN TOWN! every kid should do it! 

Liz Cowie Graeme told me this was the best camp ever! He is loving it!



Mylene Iwanowsky awesome camp!

Tracey Duvall Daniel reported it's the best camp he's ever been to. Thanks Vanessa!

Dave Schmitt


Great activity for our children. Check it out!!!


 Jr. Lifeguarding Camp

A little more Jr. Lifeguarding Camp (from yesterday)... What an amazing program! If you are enjoying the images please share the love by liking Liz Cowie Photography. Please also feel free to tag and share. Liz Cowie Photography


Jane Hernando Thank you all. The camp was a success! Looking forward to next year.

Christy Perry Vaughn Thank you for an amazing week of camp. My boys LOVED it....we will be back next year.

Jane Hernando What fun these kids had. I wish I had a camp like this when I was growing up!

·         Bradford Photography This looks like so much fun!


Fliss LaRosa This type of thing should be compulsory in Florida schools...



Dave Schmitt Thank you, Vanessa! Donna and Ken are awesome! What you are doing for the children of our community is simply fantastic!!!  We are always happy to be a part of it