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                                        Youth Triathlon Team Sponsorship


Our organization is in search of sponsorship for the upcoming season of 2010/2011.  Our youth triathlon/running/swim team has represented the Space Coast in various events around the country, including the popular Iron Kids Triathlon.  Athletes on our team have excelled in their chosen sport and would be proud to wear a sponsored team uniform.   Our Junior Lifeguard team plans to enter the 2011 USLA Junior Lifeguard regional and national comps.  Our club would benefit tremendously by having sponsorship to assist us with various club expenses so that we can continue to proudly represent the Space Coast in local, regional and national youth multi-sports events in the future.


Your company sponsorship will provide you with the opportunity to be involved with one of the most unique and fastest growing youth sports in the US, the sport of youth triathlons.  Your company will also receive advertising and media exposure and public recognition.  Please visit for more information about this organization.

I am looking forward to an exciting season to come that will be of great value to our community.  Please contact me at 321-557-2761 at your earliest convenience to discuss sponsorship opportunities.


                                      Junior Lifeguard Program Sponsorship


This program is offered to our community year round and is a unique, one of a kind aquatic experience for children of all ages.    It is our mission to:

a.       Ensure the youth of our communities are safe in the  aquatic environment  through the provision of surf

          safety education programs, i.e. Junior Lifeguard Program.

b.       Provide opportunities for youth to participate in and enjoy local, regional and national lifesaving

          competition in an aquatic environment by offering a wide variety of activities suited to the skill and

          maturation levels of all participants.

c.       To develop a team based philosophy encompassing leadership, camaraderie, teamwork, and fun.

d.      To promote social, emotional and physical growth and development in a healthy and safe environment. 



Certain equipment and supplies are required in order to facilitate the learning experience relating to a Youth Ocean Rescue program.  We accommodate at least 50 or more children per camp.  Camps are held throughout the summer months, local, regional and national competitions are held annually and the surf lifesaving curriculum is taught during a year round development program.


Your company sponsorship will provide you with the opportunity to be involved with this unique community program which will maximize your product's association with the trend setting beach culture.  Your company will receive valuable advertising and media exposure and public recognition on a local, regional and national level through surf lifesaving events, summer camps, websites, event banners, competition uniforms.


I am accepting sponsorship in the form of financial contributions or contribution of equipment and supplies.